Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is Gemstone Therapy Right For Me?

What is Crystal/Gemstone Therapy?
Crystal therapy is a form of alternative healing that involves the use of crystals and/or gemstones that respond to the body's energy and vibrate/resonate a healing energy back to the patient. Each type of stone projects a unique energy depending on the situation and placement on the body.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are used in healing to enhance and amplify the healing energies being used. Crystals and stones can be used on their own, in conjunction with Reiki healing or other types of therapy. These crystals are found throughout the world and range from different types of quartz crystal to jade and rubies. Clear quartz crystal is the most commonly used stone for overall healing and balancing, but many types are used for different reasons.
Each crystal has its own unique properties and energies. Clear quartz, for example, balances and harmonizes your body and dispels negativity, activating positive energy within your body. Hematite is a grounding stone, which can deflect negativity as well as balance the body. These energies naturally occur in crystals and will react and then work with the energy in your body.

Healing Properties

Crystals take in and give off energy, according to "The Encyclopedia of Crystals." With them, you can transform emotions, heal physical ailments, and move energy through chakras (energy centers).

Crystals have many properties.

·         Amplify energy
·         Channel Energy
·         Store Energy
·         Block Energy
·         Clean, purify and realign energy fields
·         Are used to focus energy
·         Shift energy, change the frequency or harmonize energy
·         Focus earth energy fields

Crystals have many effects on the human energy field.

·         Are calming yet energizing
·         Produce feelings of safety
·         Help make unconscious patterns conscious
·         Move stuck energy patterns
·         Shift old outdated energy patterns
·         Block negative energy patterns

Cleansing Gemstones and Crystals
It is very important to “clean” your gemstones or beads prior to using them. See Cleaning Gemstones.

Activating Crystals
Visualize light or place the crystal in sunlight or artificial light to activate it, according to Judy Hall, crystal expert. Set a specific intention for the crystal by telling it what to do and how to heal. Fortunately, the gemstones, in each Healing Meditation Set and the beads, in each Prayer Bead Set, have been chosen for their synchronicity/synergy in working together to effect a change or purpose.

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