Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cleaning Gemstones

Before using you stones or Prayer Beads, they must be “cleansed” to transform them back to a neutral state. Stones pick up the vibrational energy of what they come in contact with. Many people have handled your stones before they have reached your hands: miners, stone cutters, dealers, retailers and finally the shipment handlers who deliver your package to you.

There are many ways to clear crystals of negative energy. Here are some suggestions:
·         Sunlight or Moonlight Method: Place the stones on a windowsill in sunlight (see sunlight chart below) or moonlight, for up to a day. Placing the stone on or near a plant often quickens the process. Do not place outside as many birds like bright shiny objects!
·         Crystal Method: If the stone is small, place it on a quartz or amethyst cluster. The cluster should be dedicated to this purpose with a clear intent. Clean your cluster every month or two in rain or sunlight if possible. Amethyst geodes work well too. This is a great way to clean Prayer Beads!
  • Herbal Method: This is very effective with no possibility of damaging crystals. Use one of the following dried herbs: sage, cedar, rosemary or lavender. Place your crystals in a bowl (use glass if possible) and pour the herbs over them. Leave them in the herbs overnight. Then remove the cleansed stones. Discard the herbs by returning them to the earth.
  • Brown Rice Method: Place your crystals in a glass or ceramic bowl, cover with dry uncooked brown rice. Leave overnight for the negative energies to be absorbed by the rice. Remove the cleansed stones then discard the rice.
  • Smudge Method: Pass stones through the smoke of scented  incense such as sweetgrass, frankincense, myrrh, sage or Dragon's Blood.
  • Sound Method: Resonant sound from a tuning fork, metal bowl or bell, rapidly vibrates the physical structure of the crystal allowing it to quickly “shake off” any intrusive energies. Hold a struck bell or tuning fork near the stones to clear negative vibrations. Do NOT touch the bell or the fork to the stones as they might fracture the stones. Place stones next to a Tibetan Singing Bowl, run the wooden handle around the rim to achieve a cleansing vibrational sound.
Stones Damaged by Sunlight (there may be more):
  • Aventurine: translucent types often loose color
  • Amethyst: becomes paler
  • Citrine: may change color
  • Fluorite: green and purple types change color
  • Rose Quartz: becomes paler
  • Smokey Quartz: becomes paler
After your stones are cleansed, you can repeat any of the above methods once a month or as needed. Since every set includes Quartz Crystal, this will help keep your sets clear.

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