Sunday, October 31, 2010

Associations - Crystals

AGATE Tones & strengthens body/mind/spirit, imparts a sense of strength & courage

ALEXANDRITE Soothes nervous system. Aligns mental &  emotional body. Chakra: crown

AMAZONITE Brings joy & upliftment. Creative express- sion. Chakra: throat

AMBER Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Intellect. Chakras: navel, solar plexus, crown

AMETHYST Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Chakras: third eye, crown

AQUAMARINE Calms nerves. Purifies the body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. exc. for meditation. Chakras: throat,solar plexus.

AVENTURINE Aids in releasing anxiety & fear. Tranquility & positive energy. Chakra: heart

AZURITE Facilitates clear meditation. Enhances psychic abilities & creativity. Chakra: throat

BLOODSTONE Stimulates movement of kundalini. Inner guidance, idealism. Chakras: root, heart

CALCITE Reduces stress. Emotionally balancing. grounding. Works with all chakras.

CARNELIAN Enhances attunement w/ inner self. Facilitates concentration. Chakras: navel, heart

CELESTITE Reduces stress. Relaxing peace of mind. Aids personal creative expression. Chakra: throat

CHRYSOCOLLA Power, communication, joy, emotional balance. Chakras: throat, heart

CHRYSOPRASE Fertility, calming, balancing. Brings out inner talents. Chakra: heart

CITRINE Enhances body's healing energy. Raises self- esteem. Hope. Chakras: navel, crown

COPPER Helps detoxify body. Raises self-esteem.

DIAMOND Master healer. Dispels negativity. Purifies body. Abundance, faithfulness. Chakra: all

DIOPTASE Peace of mind. Abundance, prosperity, wellbeing, health, progress. Chakra: heart

EMERALD Enhances dreams, meditation, deeper spiritual insight. Chakras: heart, solar plexus

FLUORITE Grounds excess energy. Greater concentration, meditation. Works with all chakras

GARNET Harmonizes the forces of the kundalini. Love, compassion, imagination. Chakras: root, heart

GOLD Attracts positive energy into aura. Chakras: navel, heart, crown

HEMATITE Dispels negativity. Grounding. Protection.

HERKIMER DIAMOND Enhances inner vision. Increases dream awareness. Chakras: all

JADE Emotional balancer. Radiates divine, unconditional love. Wisdom, courage.

JASPER Powerful healer. Chakras: all

KUNZITE Aids in healing depression. Enhances self-esteem. Soothing. Chakra: heart

KYANITE Enhances communication, expression, astral travel. Chakra: throat, 3rd eye

LAPIS LAZULI Opening of chakras. Enhances psychic abilities, mental clarities. Chakras: third eye, throat

LEPIDOLITE Aids sleep. Enhances expression of one's inner light& joy. Chakra: heart

MALACHITE Aids sleep. Brings in abundance & prosperity, chakras: heart, solar plexus
METEORITE/TEKTITE Helps reveal past lives. Expands awareness. chakra: root

MOLDAVITE Aids alignment w/ Higher Self. Chakra: heart

MOONSTONE Aids birthing process, female problems. Aligns emotions. Chakra: heart

OBSIDIAN Grounds spiritual energy. Absorbs & dispels negativity. Chakra: root

ONYX Balancing male/female energies. Relieves stress. Self control. Chakras: works w/all

OPAL Emotional balancer. Enhances intuition, chakras: heart & others (depending on stone)

PERIDOT Purifies body. Increases intuitive awareness stimulates mind. Chakras: navel, heart,plexus

PYRITE Influences a positive outlook on life. harmony. Chakras: root,heart,solar plexus

QUARTZ Dispels negativity. Stimulates energy. Ex CRYSTAL cellent for meditation. Chakras: all

RHODOCHROSITE Heals emotional wounds. Acceptance of self & life. Healer. Chakras: root, heart

RHODONITE Brings love into action & manifestation. Self - esteem & confidence. Chakra: root, heart

ROSE QUARTZ Aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion. "Love Stone". Chakra: heart

RUBY Activates movement on all levels. Courage, power, leadership. Chakra: root, heart

RUTILATED QUARTZ Eases depression. Enhances communication w/ Higher Self & Spirit Guides. Chakras:all

SAPPHIRE Stimulates psychic abilities. Creative expression, loyalty, love. Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

SELENITE Aids power of concentration & clarity. enhances willpower. Chakra: crown

SILVER Relates to the moon, subconscious, female aspect. Excellent energy conductor.

SMOKY QUARTZ Aids depression. Relaxation & calmness. Grounding, centering. Chakras: root, navel

SODALITE Brings clarity & truth. Enhances communi- cation & expression. Chakras: 3rd eye, throat

SUGILITE Emotional balancer, reduces stress. Protects,Exc. for meditation. Chakras: 3rd eye, crown

TIGER EYE Good Luck Stone. Enhances clear perception & insight. Chakras: navel, solar plexus

TOPAZ Emotional balance. Soothing, peace, tranquility. Chakras: heart, throat, 3rd eye

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ-Grounding, balancing. Protection. Dispels negativity. Chakras: crown, root

TOURMALINE Protection. Concentration, inspiration. Various colors will activate corresponding Chakras

TURQUOISE Aligns chakras. Enhances meditation. Creat- ive expression, friendship. Chakra: throat

VARISCITE Self confidence. Abundance, soothing, calming. Chakras: heart, solar plexus

ZIRCON Emotional balance, self-esteem. Aids sleep. All around healer. Chakras: all

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